Thursday, December 8, 2011

When Women Rise the World will Heal

Many women are struggling in relationships due to the many faces of emotional fear found in relationships based on generational fantasies.  If you believe you should be treated a certain way such as a Queen or Princess, you are living in a fantasy.  You are a Queen Goddess and do not need nothing or anyone outside of you to treat you a certain way for you are who you are.  It is your responsibility to treat yourself well and with respect.  When you do your world will reflect what you believe about yourself and others based on mutual respect.

Forgiving the Fantasy is about assisting you in self-discovery so you may align with your soul’s purpose.  By living your purpose you will discover what you are here to accomplish in life.  Through fulfilling your accomplishments you will find the path that leads to your true happiness.  

This is your responsibility, your life purpose is to heal your inner world by facing your emotional wounds and learning the process of detaching so you may become well and whole.

The world has sold you a false identity through the fantasies found in ego relationships.  Relationship with the Divine (the God in you) is the ultimate relationship your soul seeks.  When this relationship is not in the equation you suffer from ego fantasies and do not fulfill your life purpose.

Many times men are sent to us to transform us but all to often we miss the signs and don't get the messages due to misperceptions clouded by traditions, myths and the presence of emotional wounds from our past buried deep in the subconscious. 

Women are the agents for change and men are the catalyst given us for transformation.  When women rise to their rightful places in the world and in relationships the world will heal.

Some years ago I received the message from my Inner Guide, "When Women Rise the World will Heal."  This message still resonates strongly within me.  I am on a mission to help women to rise to the occasion of self-healing and self-empowerment.

Love and Light,
Queen Goddess nazeelah

Be Yourself, Love Yourself

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